The Rules of Engagement

I’m really good at starting things (see previous post) but a lot less disciplined when it comes to persevering and finishing things.   My level of interest in most things tends to be either complete obsession or total disinterest.

I love this image but don’t know the source, if you do, please let me know and I will happily update

That has served me well, to a point, but part of this exercise is about learning to explore things outside my comfort zone and doing things and a sustainable pace.  Fortunately, I do respond very well to rules and structure, so a very good friend who is a lawyer and loves rules and regulations (because, lawyer) has helped me come up with some rules to make this whole thing work….


  1. Avoiding things that my husband is already into. Fair enough – my beloved is a very nice man who has this hobby thing sorted.  Exploring things that he is already totally across and into (and better at than me) will not be interesting or motivating for me – so that means no: brass band, bass guitar, recreational aviation or craft beer – Fine by me.
    1. However my Husband and friends who are grownups with proper hobbies are very interesting, so occasionally I will be using this blog to explore what has inspired other people in pursuing interests and he will definitely get a go there…
  2. I need to pick hobbies that have a mix of demands in terms of effort/vs reward. I can’t just go for a bunch of easy stuff… alternatively, I need to push myself and try things that are a longer term commitment.  This is very important to make sure I balance things and stick to things that I’m not immediately brilliant at.  Therefore, I can’t report on anything after just one attempt/class… I also need to mix things up in terms of involvement.  Some things might be everyday (meditation) and some might be seasonal (skiing.  Please note, I will not be going skiing) I’m not a presenter on a lifestyle show, and I need to actually learn how to learn things again.
  3. I need to pick a range of things that use different senses…. A mix of movement, touch, taste, sight etc.
  4. This is supposed to be fun. Yes, I’m supposed to get out of my comfort zone, but not to the point where I am dreading this or miserable.  It’s ok to try things and not like them, the important thing is to try and to not determine my interest in something based only on my ability/skill
  5. I need to explore a mixture of group solo and group interests
  6. Friends can accompany me on these adventures and suggestions are support is welcome.
  7. Freebies and endorsement deals are very welcome (however unlikely) and all such arrangements will be disclosed as part of my reporting

In a separate post, I’ll set up a list of suggestions, where we can track progress and suggestions….  Feel free to send me your ideas of volunteer to join me

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